Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Introducing our PM Lessons Learned Logo

With a hearty thank you to my friend and colleague who volunteered his time to the group, PM Lessons Learned is now announcing our new logo to the group.

The logo is also viewable at the PM Lessons Learned Yahoo group pages at

Please join the yahoo group to take part in the important sharing of information between all of us in the group. Membership is free to this group.

You will be seeing more of this logo as time goes on.

This logo will be used on the website, in the yahoo group, on the podcasts and in other places as appropriate.

The logo represents the key aspect of the PM Lessons Learned group: Sharing Lessons Learned. The words "PM Lessons" in the logo represent many aspects of the group:
1. We are PMs
2. We share Lessons Learned and other relevant PM information
3. We have a website (thus the ".com")

The speech bubble represents PMs sharing with each other. The speech bubble is a simple method to represent important aspects of our group.

This group is:
1. Connectional - we connect people to people
2. Sharing - We share via stories; speaking and text
3. Learning - we are about helping each other to learn

Our logo artist is a professional corporate design consultant. He is available to help your organization with Web Design, Usability Evaluations, Marketing & Branding and Graphic Design. I have worked with him on several large projects in the past and have seen his excellent work first hand. This logo is not even touching on the breadth of work that he is capable of doing for your organization. If you are interested in contacting our artist, please contact me via our "contact us" link on the website at and we will connect you with him.