Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feb. 29 Deadline for registration to Come with on a Cruise members are going on a cruise with the NJ PMI Chapter.

Deadline for Registration is 2/29/2008

Registration Deadline 2/29/2008

PMI-NJ Presents

Seminar at Sea

Earn 8 PDUs

Cruise from Bayonne, NJ to Bermuda

May 17 – 22, 2008

The Professional Development of You [PDyoU]:

“Charting a course for your Success and Survival”.

Limited number of cabins available

What a bargain!

Royal Caribbean Cruise starting at $755 per person

Seminar price for 8 PDUs only $125 for NJ-PMI members, $150 for all others

Three 'superstar' speakers: Lee Lambert, Carl Pritchard and Lowell Dye

and did I mention beautiful Bermuda

Register today

Imagine a majestic ship with rock-climbing, spas, shopping, a casino and delectable food 24/7. Every evening there will be networking parties, dancing, karaoke, and shows. On two of the days, while at sea, you will earn 8 PDUs attending seminars led by some of the super stars of Project Management. For each day the format is the same; a three-hour session followed by a one-hour panel discussion. The panel discussion will bring together all of the topics covered that day and provide a time for your questions. Wednesday’s session will pick up where Sunday’s session ended.

Lee R. Lambert, PMP, Delivering the Truth!

Management can’t handle the truth! Capitalize on powerful but simple, easy to use tools for developing and delivering truth to organizational decision makers. Deliver truth that is not just your opinion, not your emotion, but based on facts, nothing but the facts.

Carl Pritchard, PMP, EVP, How to Become a Great Consultant While You Still Have a Job!

Tips essential to become a truly great consultant AND serve your employer more effectively at the same time. Insights on the best practices for developing your consulting repertoire, building effective networks, and developing relationships that will stand you AND your organization in good stead.

Lowell D. Dye, PMP, You’ve Been Trained in Project Management – Now What?

In dynamic project oriented organizations, successful project performance hinges on personal and professional performance. Companies spend thousands of dollars every year on training programs in the hopes of developing and enhancing project managers’ skills. Best practice dictates that in order to maximize the learning process and accelerate the implementation of new knowledge and skills, additional coaching and mentoring focused on skill application are required. This session will address establishing an environment that encourages coaching and mentoring, the basic steps in a skill acquisition process, goal setting for performance improvement and the characteristics of a good coach/mentor.


When you are attending the seminar we will have events for your family and friends. Each day there will be networking events that you and your family can attend. The Explorer of the Sea is a majestic ship with wonderful activities and fabulous food. Every evening there are networking parties, dancing, karaoke and shows. We dock on Monday in Bermuda and leave port on Tuesday afternoon. You are free to stroll the beaches and streets of Bermuda or stay aboard the ship.

Registration is a two-part process.

Register for the seminar at

and follow the instructions to book the cruise through our exclusive travel agency, Travel Zone.

For questions, contact us via the Contact Us link at

Monday, January 21, 2008

PM JOB SHOP - Call Canceled this week

The PM JOB SHOP call is canceled this week

We're regrouping to make an even better PM Lessons Learned PM JOB SHOP call

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions for the call, please contact us by using the "contact us" link at - it's all about Project Managers helping Project Managers

The group

We have a PMLL group on

To Join our group:
To join our PMLL group, go to the group on and send a request to join. It's that easy. Here's the link:

What Is is a powerful tool for networking with people.

Advantages of networking:

  • Find someone who can help you in your career
  • Find someone who can help you find a job
  • Find someone who can help you with Project Management questions
Benefits of membership in the Linkedin group:

1) You can see other PMLL members (go to your home page and on bottom left you should be able to see your groups, find the PMLL group and select view members)
2) You can link to other PMLL members on
3) You can network with other PMLL members
4) There are discussions between PMLL members - it's all about Project Managers helping Project Managers

PM JOB SHOP - Call Canceled this week

The PM JOB SHOP call is canceled this week

We're regrouping to make an even better PM Lessons Learned PM JOB SHOP call

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions for the call, please contact us by using the "contact us" link at - it's all about Project Managers helping Project Managers

Saturday, January 19, 2008

PMLL Episode 0027 A Fresh Look at Your Project Management

This is the MP3 Podcast of the PM Best Practices presentation topic of "2008: A New Year and A Fresh Look at Your Project Management" as presented by Henry Will, PMP on 17Jan2008.

Download or Listen to the MP3 of Episode 0027
(if your computer doesn't support that link, then this Internet Archive link or this OurMedia link may work)

Notes are below, but first this...

A Project Management Cruise - vacation with other PMLL members and learn PM info at the same time! We're traveling with the New Jersey PMI Chapter - May 17, 2008 - New Jersey to Bermuda on RCL (

Career Minute:
Linda Trignano presented a Career Segment on "Ways to Motivate a Team Based on Your Style of Communication." Linda is the principle of "HR Performance Solutions," where she is a career coach, presenter, and facilitator of business sessions.

PM Best Practice Session:
Topics discussed included: Delegating, Right-sizing PM processes to the size of the project, re-examining the goals of your project, defining your true sponsors, being accountable, truth telling, team members, clarity of communication, initiating, volume of communications
Also discussed: Email rules and productivity

References from the call:

  • Bruce Tuckman "group Development" model: and the article is here:
  • Project Control Book (see Project Book and Project Binder at this site:
  • Book offer: "Project Management Best Practices: A to Z" Authors: Jim Blaylock, PMP and Dr. Rudd McGary, PMP. Special price for members (join our yahoo group for free): is $15+ $3.50 Shipping and Handling (S&H).To purchase the book, contact Jim Blaylock at 513-489-1752
A follow up question was asked about email rules. Henry answered the question with a few examples and follows up here with a link or two. He also talked about productivity and "Getting Things Done." Links are here:

Email Rules:
  • "Don't push that send button!"
  • "Top 10 Most Important Rules of Email Netiquette"
  • "32 most important email etiquette tips"
Inbox Zero (how to work your email instead of it working you over):
  • Inbox Zero on 43 folders (a productivy site):
  • Inbox Zero Video:
  • Inbox Zero video:
"Getting things Done" by David Allen - book on productivity
  • What is Getting Things Done? - Includes links to the book, newsletter, and podcasts
Life Hacks - productivity boosters for everyday life:
Please join us for a future conference call (they're all free and open to all). We currently have several calls a month. See our calendar of future calls via the link on our website.

If you're looking for a PM job, we invite you to join our FREE PM JOB SHOP conference calls.

We highly recommend that you join the free yahoo group in order to get announcements of our calls and other information to further your PM career.

Join our Yahoo group for details, reminders of the calls, and information to help you in your PM Career. Visit the website for details. - Project Managers helping Project Managers. Open to all.

Monday, January 14, 2008

This Thurs. 1/17/08: Free Confcall: Peter De Jager on "Change"

Do you want to know how to CHANGE your environment in some way?
Do you have a team that could use to change the way they do things?
Do you have an organization that doesn't believe in Project Management?
Do you wish your environment at work would be more in tune with PM?
Do you want to Change the organization you work in to be more PM minded?

Then, this call is for you!

When: Thursday Jan. 17, 2008 at 9pm Eastern
What: PMLL Lessons Learned confcall with Host Henry Will, PMP and
speaker: Peter De Jager

Topic: "Teaching old dogs to do new tricks? A primer on Change"

How: Conference Dial-in: (641) 715-3200 Access Code: 675 748#

Conference call participation is free and questions are encouraged.
(Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier - some cell
phone companies allow free long distance after certain times in evenings)

Presented by Peter de Jager (Podcast Episode 0027) Peter is a Keynote
Speaker, writer and consultant focusing on issues relating to Change
Management and the Future. His primary focus is on how we manage
change, technology and the future. His presentations use humor to
challenge the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change
process and the benefits of technology. In addition to speaking at
conferences worldwide, he has also written monthly columns for Globe &
Mail online, CIO Magazine, and Computing Canada. His goal is always to
question what we think is so, and in so doing perhaps open up new
opportunities. You can more information at his website:

Join us!

Monday, January 07, 2008

This Thurs 1/10/08 - FREE PM JOB SHOP Confcall

Are you looking for a Project Management (PM) job?
Do you know of any PM Job openings?
Are you a recruiter with a PM job opening(s)?

If so, then this FREE conference call is for YOU!

We discuss a job search related message and we also discuss job openings and let people share (if they want) any information about jobs they are searching for.

Subject: Free teleconf 1/10/07 "The Killer Marketing Message"

Join the FREE Interactive JobShop teleconference this Thursday!

Topic: "The Killer Marketing Message"

1/19/2008 Thursday 9:00 pm - 10:15 pm ET.

Dial-in: (641) 715-3200 Access Code: 675748# (Note: Long distance charges may apply per your service arrangement.)

Our moderator is John Hadley ( and (; Your "Elevator Pitch" is key to creating the visibility and influence that make great opportunities seek YOU out. Join us on Thursday Jan. 10th as John Hadley shows us what separates marketing messages that fall flat from those that engage your audience.

John helps job seekers frustrated with their search, teaching them how to tap into the hidden job market to get the Best Job Now!

John worked in the financial services industry for 25 years, ultimately as Chief Actuary of his company. He then opened a systems consulting practice that generated over $1 million in revenues. He now works with professionals internationally, coaching them on market
techniques to ensure that great new opportunities find them. Visit for his free Career Tips newsletter, valuable articles, and upcoming events.

For more details, join the yahoo group via our homepage at is FREE and open to everyone interested in the PM Profession. - it's about Project Managers helping Project Managers.