Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Subject: has decided to use a new conference call service - Phone number changes!

In order to better serve our members, is announcing an upgrade in our conference call capabilities.

The new phone numbers, starting October 1, 2010 will be:
Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676
Participant access code: 142349
(service number in case of any issues reaching the call: (877) 482-5838 )

Recording Playback number: (760) 569-7699
Participant access code: 142349

Please note that this new service allows phones to be used as they were before AND also allows the use of skype to call into the conference calls!

Instructions to call in from skype can be found at:
Instructions for other providers can be found near the bottom of the home screen: will also be using a new service that allows us to share slides and screens:
Meeting link:
(When joining, please enter your full name so we can talk to you by name)
You can use this new service to follow along with the presentation slides during a live call.
Or you can opt to download the presentation materials to your PC similarly to how it was done prior to October 2010. See the "Files and Presentations" link on the left side of the www.PMLessonsLearned page for access instructions.

Please update your phone/address book with this new information! Project Managers helping Project Managers to make a difference!

Best Regards,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PMLL Episode 0099 Risk Management Part 1 (PMPExamPrep)

Notes and Podcast info from the Conference Call:
Topic: Risk Management Part 1 (PMPExamPrep) PMPExamPrep host: Dana Safford PMP
Presenter: Dana Safford, PMP, ITIL Expert, Complex Problem Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

Date of Conference Call: 06May2010
Podcast Number: 0099

MP3 / Podcast:Download MP3 or Listen on Internet Archive or Listen on OurMedia or subscribe to our podcast on itunes

If you're studying for the PMP Exam, you may want to listen to the MP3s of past PMP Exam Study Group conference calls. They're located in our Archive (see the link on our website).

Prior to the call, the presentation materials will be made available (note: it may not be posted until just before the call). The directions to obtain the presentation are at - on the left hand side of the webpage follow the link titled ""Files and Presentations"" to see directions for obtaining the presentation.

The PMP examination is now based on version 4 of the Guide to the Product Management Book of Knowledge (PMBoK). This month’s PMP Study call continues the focus on the Project Cost Management. On the 3rd of September of 2009, David Radkovich covered Earned Value Management. You’ll find that 3 SEP 09 session is podcast number 79. In this session, we will cover the rest of the Project Cost Management knowledge area as laid out in PMBOK version 4. There are changes in this area. Dana Safford, PMP, will provide insight and practical examples of everything you need to know to building your critical knowledge mass and pass the PMP exam on the first attempt.

Please join us for a future conference call (they're all free and open to all). We currently have several calls a month. See our calendar of future calls via the link on our website.

If you're looking for a PM job, we invite you to join our FREE PM JOB SHOP conference calls.
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Join our Yahoo group for details, reminders of the calls, and information to help you in your PM Career. Visit the website for details. - Project Managers helping Project Managers make a difference. Open to all.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Free ConfCall 9/16"Managing in the Face of Ever-Changing Requirements"(PM Best Practice)

What: FREE PM Lessons Learned PM Best Practice conference call

Topic: "Managing in the Face of Ever-Changing Requirements"

Who: presented by Kevin Aguanno - Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, and Workshop Facilitator

When: Thursday 9/16/10 at 9pm Eastern time

Where: Conference Dial-in: (712) 432-0175 Access Code: 767 616#

"Managing in the Face of Ever-Changing Requirements"

Presentation: The presentation will be available just prior to the call - follow the Files and Presentations link on our website to download it.

Abstract of the Presentation:
1,000% over budget. 2 years late. We've all heard about projects where the original budget and schedule were exceeded by orders of magnitude. How could this happen given competent project management? Whether in government or private industry, project managers face a huge challenge when confronted with continually-changing requirements. How can you plan when the WBS keeps changing? Traditional project management approaches suggest that we take a snapshot of the requirements as a baseline, and then use change control in an attempt to minimize the impact of any shifting requirements. Sometimes, however, these changes are a reality that the project sponsor has to accommodate. The new Agile Project Management methods help deal with these situations.
Participants in this session will learn the founding principles and techniques of Agile Project Management with examples from real-world projects that used these methods to control changing requirements.

About our presenter:
With over 20 years of managing complex systems integration and software development projects, Kevin Aguanno is known in the industry for his innova­tive approaches to solving common project management problems. He focuses on two project management specialty areas: agile project management and troubled project recovery.
As a well-known keynote speaker, trainer, and coach in agile management meth­ods, Aguanno has taught thousands of people how to better manage high-change projects by using techniques from Scrum, Extreme Programming, Feature-Driven Development, and other agile methods. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and private corporate events where he delights audiences with practical advice peppered with fascinating stories from his own experiences in the trenches practicing agile project management.
He has taught for several years at the University of Toronto where he won the coveted SCS Excellence in Teaching Award, and is a regular guest lecturer in software engineering and project management classes at several other universities.
Kevin Aguanno holds a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario, and a Master’s in Project Management from the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University.
He is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and his competency is certified by IBM as a Certified Executive Project Manager and by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as a Senior Project Man­ager (IPMA Level B).
Aguanno is an active member of the Project Management Institute (U.S.A.) including the Information Systems SIG, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (U.S.A.), the Association for Project Management (U.K.), and the Project Management Association of Canada where he is a founding director and the current Vice President.
He is accredited by the International Project Management Association (founded in Switzerland) as a project management competency assessor, and he performs IPMA assessments for the ASAPM in the U.S.A. and the PMAC in Canada.
Kevin Aguanno is the author of over twenty books, audiobooks, and DVDs in addition to a number of articles published in magazines and journals worldwide.

About the Conference Call:
Conference call participation is free and questions are encouraged. Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier - some cell phone companies allow free long distance after certain times in the evenings.

Conference Dial-in: (269) 320-8300 Access Code: 767 616# is all about Project Managers helping Project Managers and open to all.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Information for potential speakers: About our audience is a group of PMs formed to help each other in Project Management.Our audience is made up of novice to accomplished PMs all of which want to learn.These PMs are serious about learning because we don't offer PDUs; We're not a PMI registered education provider.

We're always looking for people to present on our calls!

Our format is an approximately 1 hour call. We have several calls per month:

  • 1st Thurdsday of the Month: PMP Exam Study Group
  • 2nd Thursday of the month: PM JobShop: Career topics
  • 3rd Thursday every month: PM Best Practices / PM Lessons Learned
We have some announcements at the beginning, then the presenter and then Q&A at the end. So, the presentation is usually about 30 to 40 minutes long, but could be longer.

The calls start at 9pm Eastern (because many people have free cell phone use after that hour), but exceptions can be made if you wish to present at another time of day.

We record the call and make it into a podcast that we post on our site and on itunes. Sometimes after we stop the recording, people stay on and talk about the topic or a PM related topic.

We usually only have about a dozen or two dozen participants on the call which makes it very manageable. Depending on the topic, there may be a few hundred listeners to the podcast.

Some speakers provide slides, but that is not necessary. If there are slides, we post them on our website for people to download and follow along.

We use a free conference call service for our conference calls, so long distance charges may apply. Our new conference call provider does allow the use of skype in addition to standard phone service.

You can look at the "archives" on our website to see what some of the subjects are of the presentations we have offered in the past.

We don't offer any compensation because our group has no income. We offer all of our services free of charge to promote good project management. In return for your presentation, we are more than happy to have you promote yourself and the work you do. We are also open to giving one or two give-aways if you want to give away a product or book to promote your company.

We need the following information from you to promote your presentation:
  1. Topic/Title
  2. Your short Bio (should contain some way to contact you, but we shy from email addresses because when we publish it, people may add you to a spam email list)
  3. A photo of you (optional)
  4. Synopsis of the presentation if available (optional)
  5. Slides if available (this is optional and can be sent up to a week in advance)

You may use the contact us link on our home page to contact us with questions or ideas.

Best Regards,

Henry C. Will IV, PMP is the founder and leader of this group - Project Managers helping Project Managers to make a difference!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Free ConfCall 9/9"How the Job search has changed in the 21st century"(PM Job Shop)

What: FREE PMJOBSHOP conference call

Topic: "How the Job search has changed in the 21st century"

Who: Presenter is Maggie DaRonco from Vega Consulting
Hosted by: Scott Percival

When: Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 9 PM (Eastern Daylight US) (GMT-5)

Where: Conference Dial-in: (712) 432-0175, Access Code: 767 616#

Presentation: None available for this call

Abstract of the presentation: Maggie DaRonco and Kim Shand from Vega Consulting bring a unique perspective on the job search. Join us for our call as Maggie and Kim answer the question "How the Job search has changed in the 21st century?"

About our presenter: Vega ConsultingVega Consulting Solutions was named for a triangle of stars that, to us, symbolizes the equality and interdependence of our clients, our company, and our consultants. At the same time this triangle represents the working relationship between recruiters, sales and consultants.

Our industry, more than many, requires the ability to think like an entrepreneur and still be effective in a team. Vega embodies an entrepreneurial spirit while maintaining the team based culture that has been fundamental to our success.

We have refined an appropriate blend of people, experience, infrastructure, and quality to help support the growth of our team members without suffocating them under layers of management, rules, and restrictions. Our priorities are simple and universal for every employee: personal growth; professional development; and financial security. Many consulting companies claim to be "full service" providers to their clients. But how many companies strive to be a full service solution for their employees? Vega Consulting Solutions can help you meet these varied, and critical, business needs.

About the Conference Call:
Monthly conference call participation is free and questions are encouraged. Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier - some cell phone companies allow free long distance after certain times in the evenings.

Conference Dial-in: (712) 432-0175, Access Code: 767 616# Project Managers helping Project Managers to make a difference!