Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free ConfCall 5/12 "The Remarkably Ordinary Leader" (PM Job Shop)

Topic: The Remarkably Ordinary Leader

When: Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 9 PM (Eastern Standard US) (GMT-5)

PM Job Shop host: Scott Percival

Presented by: Jim De Piante, PMP Executive Project Manager


Jim De Piante joined IBM after 5 years as a Navy flight crewman and after attending and graduating summa cum laude from the University of Florida. Jim is an Executive Project manager who holds IBM’s highest certification. He has managed development projects for the IBM Product Divisions, IBM Global Services, IBM Research and Jim is presently assigned to the “Watson” project, the high-performance computing system that won on Jeopardy.

This once shy project manager is eager to share with you the empowering techniques he has learned for developing genuine, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Jim is an exciting, entertaining speaker. He has given numerous talks on leadership, networking and a variety of other topics for IBM, PMI, and others.


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We have all seen presentations on leadership that feature “The Great Leaders” from history.Inspiring? Perhaps. Meaningful in my life as a project manager? Not really. It's hard for me to relate. I am just an ordinary guy – a remarkably ordinary guy. While I can admire these truly great leaders, I must also concede that I have lesser ambitions. I do not want to change the world. I just want to deliver full scope, on time and within budget. Our success as project managers depends entirely on our ability to lead our project teams in ordinary things – remarkably ordinary things. We do not have to tell our teams that they can only expect “...blood, toil, tears and sweat.” But we might need to tell them that they can expect to work on the weekend. We do not have to challenge our teams to commit to, “...landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” But we might need to ask them to commit to complete assigned tasks on time.In this session, we will talk about leadership in practical terms, terms that you will be able to relate to, terms that will not only inspire you, but that will move you to action. We will talk about how remarkably ordinary people can improve their effectiveness as leaders and thus as project managers. We will talk about simple and concrete steps that you can take to achieve a certain excellence as a leader.


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