Friday, December 29, 2006

New for 2007: A more improved PM Lessons

PM Lessons Learned is about you!

Yes, it's about everyone who is a part of our free group. If you're not involved, please join our free yahoo group now (see the link on the navigation on the website)

We encourage anyone to join and we specifically are interested in having members who are Project Managers and those who are interested in Project management. That includes people other than project managers: writers, recruiters and others that are already part of our group.

  • We're already planning more of our interactive conference calls for 2007
  • We're continuing our emphasis on:
    • Lessons Learned about PM work
    • Studying for the PMP (including PMP study groups)
    • Down-to-earth ways to apply PM skills and techniques
    • Real-life stories from real-life people
    • Real-world PM career information
    • Networking between our members - building one-to-one relationships
  • We're going to continue to offer past conference call recordings via phone
  • We're already working on putting the 2006 conference calls out as podcasts
  • We are forming relationships with recruiters
Here are some of the ideas we've thought about for next year:
  • Face-to-face meetings and informal get-togethers
  • Special speakers
  • A special forum for sharing our PM Lessons Learned
We'd love to have your ideas! Please drop us a note.

We sure would like you to be a part of our group. Please join our yahoo group now! You'll receive an email or two a week with valuable information.

The "small print" : If you're not 100% satisfied, you can leave the group at any time, but we sure will miss you!

Friday, December 08, 2006

PM Lessons Learned passes the 100 member mark!

Well, here's something to celebrate!

PM Lessons Learned now has more than 100 members in our Yahoo Group!

We will be having our next conference call in January.

We hope that many will join us!

People are joining our group that is based on these simple, yet
powerful, goals:

The goal of this group is to Empower Project Managers, and people
studying for the PMP test.

* Increase your PM Knowledge
* Build Business Relationships
* Increase your effectiveness
* Increase your marketability
* Gain Professional Support

Pass the word!

You can join too! Just follow the link on our website