Monday, January 21, 2008

The group

We have a PMLL group on

To Join our group:
To join our PMLL group, go to the group on and send a request to join. It's that easy. Here's the link:

What Is is a powerful tool for networking with people.

Advantages of networking:

  • Find someone who can help you in your career
  • Find someone who can help you find a job
  • Find someone who can help you with Project Management questions
Benefits of membership in the Linkedin group:

1) You can see other PMLL members (go to your home page and on bottom left you should be able to see your groups, find the PMLL group and select view members)
2) You can link to other PMLL members on
3) You can network with other PMLL members
4) There are discussions between PMLL members - it's all about Project Managers helping Project Managers

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