Saturday, January 19, 2008

PMLL Episode 0027 A Fresh Look at Your Project Management

This is the MP3 Podcast of the PM Best Practices presentation topic of "2008: A New Year and A Fresh Look at Your Project Management" as presented by Henry Will, PMP on 17Jan2008.

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Notes are below, but first this...

A Project Management Cruise - vacation with other PMLL members and learn PM info at the same time! We're traveling with the New Jersey PMI Chapter - May 17, 2008 - New Jersey to Bermuda on RCL (

Career Minute:
Linda Trignano presented a Career Segment on "Ways to Motivate a Team Based on Your Style of Communication." Linda is the principle of "HR Performance Solutions," where she is a career coach, presenter, and facilitator of business sessions.

PM Best Practice Session:
Topics discussed included: Delegating, Right-sizing PM processes to the size of the project, re-examining the goals of your project, defining your true sponsors, being accountable, truth telling, team members, clarity of communication, initiating, volume of communications
Also discussed: Email rules and productivity

References from the call:

  • Bruce Tuckman "group Development" model: and the article is here:
  • Project Control Book (see Project Book and Project Binder at this site:
  • Book offer: "Project Management Best Practices: A to Z" Authors: Jim Blaylock, PMP and Dr. Rudd McGary, PMP. Special price for members (join our yahoo group for free): is $15+ $3.50 Shipping and Handling (S&H).To purchase the book, contact Jim Blaylock at 513-489-1752
A follow up question was asked about email rules. Henry answered the question with a few examples and follows up here with a link or two. He also talked about productivity and "Getting Things Done." Links are here:

Email Rules:
  • "Don't push that send button!"
  • "Top 10 Most Important Rules of Email Netiquette"
  • "32 most important email etiquette tips"
Inbox Zero (how to work your email instead of it working you over):
  • Inbox Zero on 43 folders (a productivy site):
  • Inbox Zero Video:
  • Inbox Zero video:
"Getting things Done" by David Allen - book on productivity
  • What is Getting Things Done? - Includes links to the book, newsletter, and podcasts
Life Hacks - productivity boosters for everyday life:
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