Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Topic for this Thursdays Conference call: Managing Expectations

FREE conference call THIS THURSDAY 9PM

Subject: Managing Expectations

  • Could this topic help you in your Project Management? If so, join the call this Thursday.
  • Could you contribute a Lessons Learned story on this topic to help other PMs? If so, join the call this Thursday.
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Our next FREE PMLessonsLearned.com Conference call will be held

this Thursday , March 22th, 2007 at 9PM Eastern

PMLessonsLearned.com is a group of PMs who share to help each other.

Membership is free and open to all.

Call in! Interactive call; just listen or join in the sharing!

Conference Call Telephone Number: (319) 632-1100 Access Code: 867116#

Ask questions or share something about Project Management that you've learned!

Get information on:

  • How to apply project management
  • Studying for the PMP
  • Obtaining recertification, how to obtain PDUs
  • PM Career update

Join our FREE Yahoo group (via the link at PMLessonsLearned.com) for relevant information: Schedule, Reminders, and topics of the conference calls, PM lessons learned, ways to study for PMP test, ways to gain PDUs, PM career information, and more.

If you can’t make the conference call, you can still be a part of the group by:

  • Listening in to the recording of the call – for details, join the yahoo group
  • Listening in to our podcasts – for details, join the yahoo group

Details at PMLessonsLearned.com

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