Thursday, May 17, 2007

PMLL Episode 0006 Three Day/Five Day Rule: Conflict Management and Keeping Your Project on Schedule

The MP3 Podcast of the conference call from 21Sep2006 is now available. The conference call was on the subject of "Stakeholder Management"

Here are the notes from the Conference Call:


  • Henry Will, PMP - Host, Inventor, PM
  • Barbary Fuller, PMP - president of ProcessandProjectsolutions (
  • Mara Burns - PMO developer
  • Steve Blais, PMP - Founder of Parkson International and PM since 1969

Guest Panelist: Jim Blaylock, PMP

Lessons Learned Topic - "Three Day/Five Day Rule: conflict management and keeping your project on schedule"

Also discussed: the value of being a PMP.

Free Book offer: "Project Management Best Practices: A to Z" Authors: Jim Blaylock, PMP and Dr. Rudd McGary, PMP ISBN 0-9719121-0-6
Published by PM Best Practices, Inc, Columbus, Ohio, May 2002
Cover Price: $29.95 The publisher noted above is no longer in business, and author has most, if not all, the available stock of the book.
The cost of the book is $15+ $3.50 Shipping and Handling (S&H) - This is a special price for PM Lessons Learned members (membership is free - signup at yahoogroup via link at Jim has graciously decided to give the proceeds to the late co-author's widow. To purchase the book, contact Jim Blaylock at 513-489-1752

Jim mentioned the following webpage on his chapter's website for templates:

Career segment (Rod Colon - Networking Followup: Followup, chart your contacts, one-on-one or phone is prefered over email. Record their Wants, Needs, and Desires (WND) on your chart of contacts (spreadsheet). Update the chart with info from conversations and contact people who you haven't contacted in a while. Set up a plan to contact a certain number of people per week.

Jim Blaylock, PMP Senior Consultant SummitQwest
Project Manager for over 30 years. (Distribution, Materials Handling, Manufacturing, Financial, Operations Control, IT – Both Federal Gov't and Commercial); Commander, USN, Retired; PMI member since 1992 – Southwest Ohio Chapter, PMI –Served as VP Professional Development & Education, Presently Director, Best Practices; PMP since 1993; Presently Senior Consultant for SummitQwest in Dayton, OH; Adjunct Professor at Xavier University, Cincinnati - MBA program. BS Chemistry – University of Texas; MS Computer Systems Management – NPS Monterey

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