Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's time to celebrate!

The JOB SHOP Call has already reached it's first GOAL!

One of the listeners on our very first JOB SHOP conference call (just 4 weeks ago on June 28,2007) is already working at a job he landed as a result of that first JOB SHOP call!

He phoned me about 30 minutes ago to tell me how excited he is that he started this week at his new JOB!

He said he's been looking for a job for a while and says he has no idea how long he'd still be looking if it were not for our JOB SHOP call. We hope to have him share his story on the Aug. 9, 2007 JOB SHOP call!

PM Lessons Learned: it works!

Thank you to our member Linda Wortman for hosting these calls and to the recruiters who have been involved as moderators.

While we're celebrating, a big round of applause also goes out to David Radkovich,PMP (host of our PMP Exam Study Group calls) and his group: their local PMP Exam study group has had two people sit for the PMP Exam and both have passed! You can take advantage of the same knowledge by listening in on the FREE PMP Study Group calls. See the website ( and join the Yahoo group for announcements of the calls. - It's all about PMs helping PMs!

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