Wednesday, July 04, 2007

PMLL Episode 0015 Managing Virtual Project Teams

The MP3 Podcast of the Lessons Learned conference call from 21Jun2007 is now available.

The conference call was on the theme of "Managing Virtual Project Teams"

Download or Listen to the MP3 of Episode 0015

(if your computer doesn't support that link, then this link or this link may work)

Here are the notes from the Conference Call:

* Henry Will, PMP - Host, Inventor, PM
* Barbara Fuller, PMP - president of ProcessandProjectsolutions (
* Tom Mattus ( Guest Panelist, presented on "Managing Virtual Project Teams"

Tom provided some supporting slides which can be found in the files section of our yahoo group site. Free Yahoo Group membership is required. See the links on the left of our website for details.

Other items covered were:

Allison Maltese (Professional Recruiter for TekSystems) provided a career minute on how the low unemployment rate effects us as PMs.

Please join us for a future conference call. We currently have several calls a month.

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Tom Mattus is affiliated with Successful Strategies International,Inc.

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