Saturday, August 04, 2007

How to be a part of PM Lessons Learned + how to listen in to confcalls and recordings

The other day someone asked if they could invite others to our group.

A resounding YES is the answer.

How do you become a member, you ask?
Or you ask: How do you listen in to recordings?

Well, it's easy, here are answers to these and many other questions:

To become a member:
Simply join our yahoo group, then you're a member! It's that easy!

You can go to our homepage ( and scroll down to the invitation to join (on the left): just put in your email address and click the button to join now
There's a link on our Yahoo Group page ( to join (on the right near the top, it's blue and says "join now")

Either way, you'll get an email that you'll need to respond to in order to confirm your desire to join.

To Invite someone else:
Use the same directions as above (to become a member), but put in your friends email address. They will receive an email that they will need to respond to in order to confirm their desire to join)

How do I become a member of the PMLL group?
Once you're subscribed to the Yahoo group, you'll receive emails now and then about this when we update the invitation list.

What does the group offer?

  • We're a group of PMs helping PMs
  • We're all about connecting PMs to PMs
  • Free conference calls - see below
  • Free phone recordings, MP3s, and podcasts of our confcalls - see below
  • For those in our Free yahoo group we also offer:
    • Reminders of our Conference calls
    • PM Tidbits emails: Short pointers for your everyday PM work
    • PM Career Tidbits: Short pointers for your PM career
    • PMP Tidbits: Short pointers for PMPs
    • Access to our files of presentations from past calls
    • Access to our links to other great PM websites
    • Invitation to join our PMLL group - so you can contact other PMLL members directly!

What conference calls does the group have?
We currently have 4 calls a month and they are all FREE (:
  • First Thursday 9PM Eastern: PMLL PMP Exam Study Group
  • Second Thursday 9PM Eastern: PMLL JOB SHOP call - connecting people with PM Job openings to those looking for openings
  • Third Thursday 9PM Eastern: PMLL Lessons Learned call - PMs sharing PM topics of lessons learned in Project Management
  • Fourth Thursday 9PM Eastern: PMLL JOB SHOP call - connecting people with PM Job openings to those looking for openings
The topics and schedules of our future calls appear here:

For an archive of past confcalls see the information below.

To Listen in to the calls or the recordings:
There are lots of easy ways:

All of this for Free you ask? Why?

Because PM Lessons Learned is all about PMs helping PMs!

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