Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Phone # available to listen in FREE to recording of the most recent Conference Call

Right after we have our conference calls, the recording is made available to listen to via phone. For Free!

The JOB SHOP tonight was among the best so far!

We now have a new phone number for listening to these recordings, it is (641) 715-3413
Access Code: 675 748#

This is how you can listen in to all of our calls. This recording is always updated with the recording of our most recent call. [We have 4 different calls per month - take a look at our benefits of our group via the What's in it for me link on our website.]

Note: We also publish all our conference calls via MP3 (see the archive link on our website) and make them available on itunes (see the link to join our podcast on itunes). The JOB SHOP calls are not posted as MP3 and on itunes because of the short "shelf life" of job openings. So, we recommend you listen to recordings via the phone number above.

OR... Better Yet: Participate LIVE!
Conference Dial-in: (641) 715-3200 Access Code: 675 748#

Join our Yahoo Group to receive schedules of our calls.

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