Thursday, February 21, 2008

PMLL Episode 0029 Microsoft Office Project (R) Project Management Tool Tips

This is the MP3 Podcast of the PM Best Practices presentation topic of "Microsoft Office Project (R) Scheduling Tool Tips" as presented by Jim Stuehler, PMP on 21Feb2008.

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Notes are below, but first this...

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PM Best Practice Session:

(note: Jim has supplied a presentation file that is also available for FREE. You'll need to first join our FREE Yahoo Group and then follow the link on our homepage to our FILES section on our Yahoo group. See the details and link to our files on our website at

See the files for details, but here are a few notes:

  • The scheduler works by computing Work = Duration multiplied by Units
  • There are Effort Driven Tasks and Duration driven tasks
  • Task types are: Fixed work, fixed duration, fixed units

References from the call:

Jim Stuehler, PMP can be contacted at: (note: remove the 555 from his email for the real email address)

A member of our group raised a point that if we can get enough people together, perhaps we can get a group discount on the MS office project tool. If you're interested, use the BBS link on our homepage and start a topic on this subject, then perhaps someone in our group will volunteer to put a group purchase together (we're totally run by volunteers).

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Microsoft’s Office Discussion group

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