Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Join the FREE Confcall: "Project Management is a Dead-End Job" 3/20/08

Steve Blaise just informed me that the topic of the discussion on the 3/20/08 PM Lessons Learned call will be "Project Management is a Dead-End Job" subtitled "Is There Life After Project Management?"

Doesn't that just peak your interest?

Here are the details:

What: This month's PM Lessons Learned (PM Best Practices) Confcall presentation - This month our speaker is Steve Blais, PMP

Who: Everyone who wants to participate - invite people you know

When: Thurs. March 20, 2008 9pm Eastern Time (U.S.)

How: Conference Dial-in: (641) 715-3200 Access Code: 675 748#

We will also take a few minutes to discuss how we can better our calls
and our group!

If you can't join us, join our yahoo group at and get info after the call to listen to the recording!

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