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PM Best Practices Call Thurs 6/19/08: "Project Management of Virtual Teams"

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What: PM Lessons Learned PM Best Practice conference call
Topic: "Project Management of Virtual Teams"
Who: Kevin R. Wegryn, PMP, CPM Senior Project Manager and Vice-President at Bank of NY Mellon
When: Thursday June 19, 2008 9pm Eastern Daylight Savings time
Where: NEW Conference Dial-in: (269) 320-8300 Access Code: 767 616#

“How to be an effective Virtual Project Manager?”

A Project Manager needs to understand many aspects of project management to be effective, but three key elements are e-mail, conference calls and phone calls.

The Project Manager needs strong skills using all three of these communication methods to be an effective Virtual Project Manager.

The e-mail send to your team should be short and specific items/questions sent to your virtual team member. The e-mail should not contain complex wording or be confusing for the reader. A Project Manager must remember that a virtual team member reading e-mail will not have opportunity to ask questions or listen to the emphasis of the request as a person would give working in the same office would.

Another strong communication skill needed by the Virtual Project Manager is the ability to lead conference calls. This is a skill learned by much practice and much listening on the part of the virtual Project Manager. It is important to remember that the purpose of the conference call is not for the team to hear the Project Manager’s voice talk over and over about the project topics, but to get the teams input in key areas/topics that need to be covered in a group forum.

Finally, phone calls to the virtual team members must be kept short and to the point. Again, the virtual team members have a day full of meetings and tasks and a half-hour call from the virtual Project Manager two or three times a day, will make the team member ineffective.

In summary, the Virtual Project Manager needs to have many skills to be effective to manage his/her team. Key communication skills needed by these Virtual Project Managers are strong skills with e-mail, conference calls and individual phone calls. Only with a strong understanding of these communication skills can a project manager be an effective Virtual Project Manager.

Speaker's Bio:

Kevin R. Wegryn is a bottom-line improvements specialist and problem solver, driven by measurable goals and strong communication skills. Kevin’s unique background has enabled him to successfully manage projects that demand business development, expense management, strategic positioning, and program management.

Kevin is currently a Vice-President, Senior Project Manager, for Bank of New York Mellon. He is a seasoned Senior Project Manager and has managed complex projects, budgeted up to $73 million, and led teams of project managers. Kevin’s ability to quickly analyze business conditions, determined a course of action to motivate personnel, implement programs and strategies that improve sales, processes and individual performance.

    Kevin has a Master’s Degree (MA) in Business Economics.

      Kevin is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP), member of PMI National Organization, 2007, 2008 volunteer for PMI- Professional Awards Member Advisor Group, volunteer for the PMI-PMBOK Guide 2004 Update team, member of panel of judges for PMI-Educational Foundation 2004 Student Scholarship Awards, and is a member of many other professional association activities. He is a Certified Project Manager (CPM) from International Association of Project and Program Management and is a member of International Association of Project and Program Management.

Kevin has published articles for various publications including Project Management Weekly, PM Boulevard Newsletter and Newsletter. Interviewed by InfoWorld Magazine for article, March 1998. He also co-authored a book on Virtual Project Management “Managing without Walls” in 2006.

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