Friday, August 22, 2008

PMLL Episode 0043 Lean Six Sigma (PMJS)

These are the notes from the Conference Call:

Presentation Title: Lean Six Sigma
Leader: Henry Will, PMP
PM Job Shop Group Hosts: Mike Chrepta and Scott Percival
Presenter: Martin Czebotar, Six Sigma Black Belt and owner of ZEB connsulting LLC
Date: 17Aug2008
Podcast number: 0043
MP3 / Podcast: Download MP3 or Listen on Internet Archive or Listen on OurMedia or Join our podcast on itunes

Notes from the call: Thursday, Aug. 17th, 2008:

Fusion of Lean & Six Sigma Improvement Methods: Importance

- What is "Lean"
- Types of Waste

Basics of Lean
- Tools

Value Flow Key Elements

Total Production Maintenance
- Mistake Proofing
- "5S" Program/Effects

Six Sigma is NOT just "Improvement Methodology"
- Culture
- Problem Solving

Six Sigma Design

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