Monday, October 06, 2008

PMLL Episode 0046 Virtual Parties and Effective Ways to Recognize Virtual Teams

These are the notes from the Conference Call:

Topic: PM Lessons Learned
Presentation Topic: "Virtual Parties – Effective Ways to Recognize Virtual Teams"
Host: Henry Will, PMP
Presenter: Elyse Anchell, Certified Executive Project Manager, Integrated Infrastructure Workstream Leader, IBM Center for Learning and Development
Date: 18Sep2008
Podcast number: 0046
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Notes from the call:

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  • Ways to reward a virtual team
  • Party Preparation: Favors/Gift/Trinket, Food, Music, games
  • A game that can be played with a virtual team (the presentation has the template that can be used to construct your own game)
  • Q&A on the subject
About Our speaker, Elyse Anchell:
Elyse is a IBM Certified Executive Project Manager and and Integrated Infrastructure Workstream Leader for the IBM Center for Learning and Development


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