Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please provide your input for our Feb. 19 Confcall on Metrics

I (Henry Will) am presenting on Feb.19,2009 at 9pm Eastern on confcall on the Topic: Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Metrics - I'd like your input and answers to following questions

Please give your input on the following:
1. What would you like me to cover in this presentation?
2. If you are a PM, what areas would you like to see improved on your project?
3. What items do you track on your project?
4. Do you use metrics in your organization? If so, what items are reported in your metrics? How often?
5. Are metrics useful?
6. What metrics are important? What metrics are a waste of time?
7. Have you ever seen a good result of using metrics? Please explain?
8. Are there any questions you can suggest around the subject of metrics?

Just reply to this message via our group discussion on this topic, or email us using the "contact us" link on the website

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