Friday, February 27, 2009

What Project Managers Love About Project Management

What Do Project Managers Love About Project Management?

We posted the following question on several websites (including our email list and our group) and we have some great responses!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! What do you love about Project Management?

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Here are responses we received:
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Mara D. B., PMP
Using project management equates to having a state of the art GPS to guide anyone to their project goals. Yes, there are still pot holes to avoid, and a few speedbumps along the way, but where would we be without it? And I love it when I meet someone half way around the world, and find out they are a PM. There is an instant bond, because we speak the same language!

Penelope M., PMP:
The great people I've met, as most projects I've worked on involved pulling together teams in different countries. And the early phase of planning, before those same lovely people cause deviations from the plan ;-)

Andree E., PMP:
I love my manager and the team I work with.

Agus W, PMP:
The uncertainty part makes project management interesting and challenging. Even for seasoned project manager, some surprises can still be expected in every turn :-)

Joan B, MBA, PMP:
I love the various disciplines contained within the career field (The 9 Knowledge Areas). Each knowledge area is a career field within itself. Project Management is a never ending opportunity to grow and excel while learning new skills.

Marie L, PMP:
I love that I get an opportunity to be a hero!

I love the challenges and opportunities that every project provides. It's a great experience to deliver projects successfully, very fulfilling and and very enjoying.

Sharad A.:
For me, its the sense of adventure. To take something totally new, think through the various facets (Risk, Cost, Schedule, etc), devise a plan for implementation (with the team) and then actually perform to the plan provides a tremendous thrill and feeling of satisfaction.

Sandeep K, PMP:
Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to creat a unique product.
Project management is permanent skill developed over the year with experince and methodology, and is used to deliver a desired product

Abhishek H.:
To me, project management is all about managing the expectations of various stakeholders associated with that project (either directly or indirectly). And I love it because I find it as a great way of learning and developing my career.

Mohammed B.:

What I like about Project Management is its changing and challenging nature; it can never become a routine work for the skilled Project Manager (PM). In each new project the PM is challenged with new requirements, stakeholders, and constraints. He is challenged with managing new teams that he might have never worked with before. He must be a good leader for evolving teams! This is alone is great experience for PMs.
I love Project Management for the harmony it requires to get desired deliverables. You can’t play alone; you have to be part of a harmonized team in which every member complements other one’s skills.
Project Management goes out the norm but it matches human nature! It necessitates planning before implementation which is not really what people do in their daily jobs, and in the same context it agrees the human nature in giving enough time for planning. People are slow in thinking but quick in acting, so give planning a relatively big span of time in your project.
If you look at what I mentioned above, you will find that it is common sense that all of us are able to do, but only few who succeed in getting this harmony all together to achieve goals, and this is what I love about Project Management.

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