Sunday, March 08, 2009

PMLL Episode 0057 The 10 Commandments of the Job Search (PMJobShop)

These are the notes from the Conference Call:

Presentation Title: The 10 Commandments of the Job Search
PMLL Leader: Henry Will, PMP
PM Job Shop Group Hosts: Mike Chrepta and Scott Percival
Date: 12Feb2009
Podcast number: 0057
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Notes from the call:

Dr. Sally Wright will focus on the 10 things you absolutely must do to get not only ONE, but SEVERAL job offers. If the principles are followed, the person looking for a job will be head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

Dr. Sally Wright is a licensed clinical psychologist who serves as the Director of Wellspring Resources, an organization which offers therapy, evaluation, and psychological testing in central New Jersey. She also serves as a staff psychologist in the New Jersey VA Health Care System, and is on the faculty of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, serving as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.

Dr. Wright does speaking engagements throughout the area on stress management, as well as other adult, adolescent, and child mental health issues. She is a former lieutenant colonel in the United States Army, and has served in numerous key military leadership positions both here and overseas.


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