Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are catching up on podcasts and NEWS!

Hello everyone.

We are catching up on Podcasts at this time. We just posted #57 and #58 from February.

See all the recordings (MP3 podcasts) posted on our archive.

Our team of Podcast Volunteers is working to get caught up.

Keep in mind that you can also listen to the latest conference call by phone (details on the top left of our website just above the links).

Also, I wanted to let everyone know the following:

  • Our new PMLL Weekly Virtual PMP Exam Study group is starting up - these calls will NOT be podcasted
  • We have changed plans again and have decided to keep the monthly PMP Exam Study group call going (because Dana offered to do that for everyone). It will be mostly on PMP Exam Study and Test taking Tips. And, we plan to continue to podcast it! Our presenter, Dana Safford, just told me he plans to talk about the PMP Exam Test taking Tip of "Doing a Brain Dump" on the Thursday 07 May 2009 conference call.
  • Of course, we plan to keep the monthly PMJOBSHOP call going (I hope you voted in our recent poll, if you haven't yet, there is still time) - and it will be podcasted. There have been great Career topics on the recent calls.
  • We will still keep the monthly PM BEST PRACTICE call going too and they will also be podcasted.
  • A few stats:
  • 1359 in Yahoo group - join today, tell your friends
  • 98 in PMJOBSHOP yahoo group
  • 442 in PMLL group
  • 75 in PMJOBSHOP
  • 65 Conference calls held so far
  • approx 75,000 downloads of MP3 recordings
PMLL- It's all about PMs helping PMs

Until next time, God Bless and Keep on Learning!

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