Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did you miss the all member call? You can still listen to the recording!

Did you miss the all member call?

This was a very informative call.

You can still listen to the recording by phone!

Listen to last confcall recording: (269) 320-8399
Access Code: 767 616#

We'll be podcasting this in a few weeks as the podcast volunteers get to it.

Some topics covered:

1433 people in our yahoo groups, 113 in our PMJOBSHOP Yahoo group.
471 in our linkedin group (98 in the PMJOBSHOP Linkedin group)
80,000+ downloads of our podcasts
323 following our RSS feed/podcast feed

Our first call was May 18, 2006. More than 3years ago.We have members from around the globe (see our testimonial link on the website:

We mentioned our vision (it's on the website and has been our vision from the beginning):
The goal of this group is to Empower Project Managers, and people studying for the PMP test.

* Increase PM Knowledge
* Build Business Relationships
* Increase your effectiveness
* Increase your marketability
* Gain Professional Support

We talked about how you can brand yourself and market yourself as a PM (and gain PM experience) by volunteering with the group.

Scott shared about the PMJOBSHOP group - volunteers needed to network with recruiters.
Barbara Fuller - talked about needing volunteer(s) to get a list of top 10 PM recruiters.
Dana shared about the monthly PMP Exam Study Group - volunteers needed to present
New Virtual PMP Study group: Joe chimed in later on this - volunteers needed to help coordinate and present

2. New ideas:
Thoughts about a PM competition - any interest from members to volunteer to lead this?
Steve Blais shared the vision for a Mentoring program and a LessonsLearned repository - volunteers needed.

3. Volunteer ops:
* We Could use someone to lead the volunteer coordination: recruit, recognize, organize volunteers. Start a list of "micro-tasks" that volunteers could help with.
* We could use someone to work with recruiters and build relationships there
* We could use someone to work with speakers and authors to put "PM Best practices tips" and "PM Career tips" in yahoo emails

We recognized a bunch of our volunteers!

Contact us if you're interested in volunteering (use the contact us link on the website)

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