Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free confcall 8/20 “Non-IT Project Management” (PM Best Practices)

FREE PM Lessons Learned Conference Call from PMlessonslearned.com

PM Lessons learned Conference Call hosted by: Henry Will, PMP

Topic: “Non-IT Project Management”

Presenter: Open Discussion

When: Thursday Aug. 20, 2009 at 9pm Eastern time

Where: Conference Dial-in: (269) 320-8300 Access Code: 767 616#

Presentation: No presentation will be posted.

This call is open to all. Everyone who wants to join the call this Thursday to discuss Non-IT Project Managers, please show up on the call

If anyone wants us to read their bio at the beginning of the call, please send it to us using the "contact us" link on the website pmlessonslearned.com

Abstract of the presentation:

Here are the questions we plan to discuss on the call. Join in and ask your own questions!

* We're sure you've had an ear full of IT Project management. How is your type of project management different from IT Project Management?

* How is your type of project management similar to IT Project Management?

* Does your industry subscribe to the PMI PMBOK description of Project Management or are there other standards

* Do executives in your industry support PMP certification or not? Why? What is their reasoning?

* Do you feel that the PMBOK applies to your industry?

* Can you explain the most important aspects of PM to your industry?

* What are the PM methodologies applied in your industry?

* Why do you think that PMI seems to be overrun by IT people? -- It did not start out that way.

* Do non-IT project managers get the same disrespect from executives as the IT project managers?

* Are Non-IT Project managers usually asked to do other jobs/roles besides just the PM role?

* Are non-IT PMs usually told that PM practices are not valuable (as is often the case in IT Project Management)?

* Do you know of any executives in your industry that rose to their current positions via a Project Management career path?

* What is the career path for PMs in your industry? I.e. how do they get to be PMs and what careers are there after being PMs?

About the Conference Call:
Conference call participation is free and questions are encouraged. Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier - some cell phone companies allow free long distance after certain times in the evenings.

Conference Dial-in: (269) 320-8300 Access Code: 767 616#

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