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HAPPY 2010 too all our followers and members!

2009 has been a busy and productive year for everyone involved at PM Lessons Learned, and during this holiday time it’s important that we take a moment to thank all of our volunteers and participants that contributed to that success. The following information is all about the many services that our 100% volunteer organization makes available to all at no cost. Thank you to all of our volunteers who have made this possible!

During 2009 we have:

  • Conducted 2 All Member conference calls
  • Conducted 13 PMP Exam Study Group conference calls
  • Conducted 10 PM Job Shop conference calls
  • Conducted 12 PM Best Practices conference calls
  • Conducted many weekly PMP Exam Virtual Study Group conference calls
  • Posted 37 podcasts on the website
  • Reached 76,465 total podcast downloads
  • Reached people in at least 18 different countries
  • Connected with as many as 398 simultaneous RSS subscribers
  • Increased our PM Lessons Learned yahoo group members to 1,613
  • Increased our PM Lessons Learned group members to a total of 582
  • Increased our PMJobShop group members to a total of 147

And a special thanks to those volunteers listed below:

Podcast Editors (# of podcasts)
Carolyn Collins (2)
Jonathan (10)
Marian Collins-Steding (7)
Satya Malyala (9)
Venkat R, Chavakula (11)

Podcast QA (# of podcasts)
Steve Rabbe (34)
Henry Will, PMP (3)

Website Posts (# postings)
Bart A. Zoni (14)
Henry Will, PMP (34)

Podcasts Posts to website (# postings)
Henry Will, PMP (37)

Conference Call/Podcast Host (# of podcasts hosted)
Dana Safford, PMP (10)
David Radkovich, PMP (3)
Richard Kroh (1)
Scott Percival (9)
Henry Will, PMP (14)

Virtual Study Group Hosts
David Radkovich, PMP
Joe D.

Podcast Write-ups (# of write-ups)
Lynn Moore (21)

Volunteer Coordinator
Richard Kroh

Stats (Podcast download count)
Magesh Puvananthiran

Presenters (all volunteered their time)
David Radkovich, PMP; Dana Safford, PMP; Scott Percival; Marilyn Ginsberg-Finner; Tom Mattus; Frank Saladis, PMP; Rod Colón; Kevin J.J. Aguanno, PMP; Stephen J Connelly; Cynthia Clark; Frank Saladis, PMP; Jon Hadley; Joseph A. Lukas, PMP, PE, CCE; Charlene Watler; Kevin Aguanno, PMP, MAPM; Kim Shand; Maggie DaRonco; Dr. Sally Wright; Drenda Theriault, PMP; Martin Czebotar; Henry Will, PMP

Thanks again to everyone for making PMLessons Learned a success in 2009!

But since PMLessons Learned is a volunteer run group, we are always looking for volunteers to help share in the workload each week. We are currently seeking:
1. Podcast editors - you just need a PC and to load some open source ("free") software we use. We give you full directions on how to do this.
2. Webmaster backup - a person to act as a backup webmaster for when people are on vacation
3. Speaker contact and scheduling - we could use someone to locate great speakers, contact them to speak, and keep the schedule updated.
4. Volunteer PMs for our "PMLL Volunteer Corps" – This is a new initiative to establish a group of PMs that would do volunteer work for non-profits. We are hoping to use this model to accomplish a few main goals: provide volunteer PM services to non-profits, provide opportunities PMs to give-back, Provide opportunities for new PMs to gain PM experience (and to be mentored), and provide opportunities for seasoned PMs to provide mentoring to new PMs. We need volunteers willing to commit an agreed (you decide) number of hours per week and an agreed (you decide) length of time toward one or more of the following:
a. Volunteers to initiate and coordinate the program
b. Experienced PMs willing to actively mentor new PMs
c. New PM’s willing to manage or co-manage the projects while being mentored by a seasoned PM
d. Experienced PMs desiring to manage a project with or without mentoring
e. Volunteers to find non-profits needing PM help and to define the projects

Volunteering with PMLessonsLearned is a great way to give back to others while increasing you personal skill set around project management, if you would like to volunteer please use the contact us link on our website ( or reply to one of our yahoo group emails. If we don’t get back to you, then maybe emails are blocked, so please contact us on our next conference call.

Happy New Year!

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