Saturday, January 30, 2010

PMLL Episode 0089 Are you addicted to a paycheck & other considerations for your 2010 Job Search (PMJOBSHOP)

Notes and Podcast info from the Conference Call:
Topic: Are you addicted to a paycheck & other considerations for your 2010 Job Search (PMJobShop) founder and PM Best Practices host: Henry Will, PMP PMJobShop host: Scott Percival
Presenter: Maggie DaRonco and Kim Shand from Vega Consulting

Date of Conference Call: 14Jan2010
Podcast Number: 0089

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Maggie DaRonco and Kim Shand from Vega Consulting bring a unique perspective on the job search. Join us tonight for our first call of the New Year as Maggie and Kim answer the question "Are you addicted to a paycheck & other considerations for you 2010 job search?"

Vega Consulting Solutions ( was named for a triangle of stars that, to us, symbolizes the equality and interdependence of our clients, our company, and our consultants. At the same time this triangle represents the working relationship between recruiters, sales and consultants.

Our industry, more than many, requires the ability to think like an entrepreneur and still be effective in a team. Vega embodies an entrepreneurial spirit while maintaining the team based culture that has been fundamental to our success.

We have refined an appropriate blend of people, experience, infrastructure, and quality to help support the growth of our team members without suffocating them under layers of management, rules, and restrictions. Our priorities are simple and universal for every employee: personal growth; professional development; and financial security. Many consulting companies claim to be "full service" providers to their clients. But how many companies strive to be a full service solution for their employees? Vega Consulting Solutions can help you meet these varied, and critical, business needs.

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