Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some members accidentally removed from Linkedin group

I accidentally removed about 50 members yesterday from our group.

Information about our group is located here:

So, if you were removed from our group yesterday, it's nothing you did. It was an honest mistake I made.

The screen to add people who have requested to join the group is exactly the same as the screen to remove them. I thought I was on the screen to add people, but was on the screen to remove people. With one click of the button, I removed 50 people. There was no "are you sure?" and no "undo."

But using the "back" button on the browser I was able to see the people I deleted. But, I can only contact the people who are in my network. So, I emailed those of you I could (about 30 people). I can't contact the rest. I did however send the list to the help desk, we'll see what they say.

So, please request to join again and I'll approve you again. Thanks for your patience.

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