Sunday, March 28, 2010

Volunteers Needed! I.e. Dire need for volunteers to edit podcasts, we will train you and provide tools

Dear PMLL followers (actually, you are all considered members to us)

We are in desperate need of podcast editor volunteers.

Our current podcast editor volunteers have been very faithful for a year and now we need to recruit more to help us catch up on podcasts.

As you know, we started this group back in 2006 as a free service to PMs. We depend on many volunteers to keep it free.

Please consider helping.
If you are even the least bit interested in learning what the podcast volunteer job entails, contact us via the contact us link on the website ( and we'll send you information. No obligation to you. You can review it and see if you think you could help.

We would especially appreciate it if some of those who listen to our podcasts would consider volunteering.

We're asking people to make a commitment to take turns podcast editing over the next 9 months.

What do you get in return? A group of very thankful people that appreciate the free services we supply to help Project Managers to make a difference!
And, you get the satisfaction of a job well done.

We're also looking at volunteers to help with:

  • Career Topic speakers, moderators and co-Host for PMJobShop
  • Contacting and lining up speakers for PM Best Practices calls
  • Providing speakers with all they need prior to being on a call
  • Help with publishing some pages on our website (which is actually just a blog)
  • Mentoring and being mentored Project Managers helping Project Managers to make a difference!

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