Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PMLL Episode 0096 Exercising Influence: a Key to Achieving Project Results (PMBestPractices)

Notes and Podcast info from the PMlessonLearned.com Conference Call:

Topic: Exercising Influence: a Key to Achieving Project Results (PMBestPractices)

PMlessonsLearned.com founder and PM Best Practices host: Henry Will, PMP
Presenter: Rob Hochenberger, PMP, CBIP Claim Business Intelligence ; Chubb - Claim IT Solutions

Date of Conference Call: 18Mar2010
Podcast Number: 0096

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Rob Hochenberger has more than twenty years experience in a wide range of IT positions including project management, business analysis and software development. For the past five years Rob has been a project manager for a data warehouse/business intelligence initiative for Chubb Insurance.

Rob's experience spans the Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Telecom industries and includes project management experience in a broad variety of settings. Rob has successfully managed project teams in both small and complex organizations. His experience includes successfully coordinating the efforts of individuals from a wide range of business and technical backgrounds where the ability to successfully influence project outcomes is critical to project success.

With the ever growing demands on organizations, getting results from project teams is becoming more and more imperative. Being able to successfully exercise influence across project teams and the organization is an increasingly important skill for the successful project manager. Yet growing your influencing skills is an area that does not get the focus it deserves in literature and training. On Thursday night, Rob will share with us a common sense approach for understanding how to improve your influencing skills in a variety of situations.

hochenberger &AT& embarqmail.com

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