Friday, March 25, 2011

PMLL Episode 0117 The Art of Networking (PMJobShop)

Notes and Podcast info from the Conference Call:

Topic: The Art of Networking (PMJobShop) PMJobShop hosts: Scott Percival and Carl E Reid
Presenter: Ted Fattoross, Network PLUS Founder and CEO

Date of Conference Call: 10Mar2011
Podcast Number: 0117

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Attendees will learn:
-how to talk to strangers
-how to communicate effectively
-how to re-invent yourself
-how to thrive - not survive during difficult times

Ted Fattoross, Network PLUS Founder and CEO, is a professional national speaker with 18 years experience leading people on the path of personal growth. He presents over 300 programs to over 250,000 people throughout America each year. From small school districts to corporate giants, from the classroom to the boardroom, Ted Fattoross has the knowledge and experience to lead programs on a wide variety of topics, as well as deliver the keynote address for your meeting, in-service and/or conference. He has been featured on national TV, radio programs, newspapers and provides over 300 programs each year for groups as small as 5 and as large as 5,000. Ted serves the corporate, government and non-profit markets in addition to the educational sector, on topics ranging from sales and customer service to teamwork and leadership. Teamwork, communicating effectively, relationship building, values and ethics are threaded through each program. Ted has been on the advisory board for Fortune 500 companies such as Tenneco and Union Camp.
His clients include American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent, Bellemead, Cisco Systems, Ford, Merck, New York Stock Exchange, Lockheed, AT&T and American Management Association. Ted guarantees to exceed his clients expectations. A full line of corporate programs is available for any need. Ted has worked with companies large and small, helping motivate employees and teaching management new techniques, all of which are guaranteed to improve morale, and will increase sales!

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