Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The iTunes issue is fixed!

Hi There,

Well, it took a while, but we finally figured out why our podcasts were not posting to iTunes.  iTunes now contains all the PMBOK Fifth Edition podcasts (numbers 146 through 160).

To make-up for the delay, I'll tell you that a few of the older podcasts that contain material that is still valid for the PMBOK Fifth Edition.
While we created these podcasts for an earlier version of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBoK), the concepts and all of the content are still valid for the PMBOK fifth edition.

Using each of the urls below, you can either listen to the podcast on the Internet Archive or scroll to the bottom-right of the page and right-click the .mp3 file to down load it.

66 - Brain Dumps
70 - Building Critical Mass and Test Taking Techniques
79 - David Radkovich Discusses Earned Value Method
88 - Project Selection Techniques
111 - Project Basics
122 - Professional and Social Responsibility

Thanks for your patience while I learned a lot about rss feeds.

Regards & Keep On Learning,
Dana Safford, PMP