Wednesday, December 24, 2014

PMLL Podcasts Will Be Coming Faster

24 DEC 2014


Many of you are aware that we have been slowly working our way through the 47 processes that make up the bulk of the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK.

Our goal was to start with the Knowledge Areas with the most change and work ur way to the Knowledge Areas with the least change.  We are there now. In the PMBOK Fifth Edition, the Project Risk Management and Project Integration Management Knowledge Areas contain the smallest amounts of new information. That's why we are doing them last.  More than half of  the content in PMLL podcasts 167 and 168 is not new (covering the Project Risk Management Knowledge Area).

I'm hearing from many of you that you'll be sitting for the PMP exam in the first few months of 2015, So rather than make you wait until April 2015 for me to finish all 47 processes, we decided make things happen quicker.

We will forego the live PMLL Lessons Learned Monthly PMP Exam Study Groups calls.
I recorded the new portions of  the Project Risk Management Knowledge Area and tonight released PMLL podcast #168 just two weeks behind PMLL Podcast #167 (and without a live conference call).

I'll start the same for the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area and release those podcasts during January 2015 (also without live conference calls).

I'll schedule the next live conference call for 5 FEB 2015. Instead of drowning you in fast talking presentations, we'll do it as a Question & Answer session on any of the material in the PMBOK.

So, I hope this will help everyone prepare that much faster.

Happy Holidays and Happy Studying!


Dana Safford
PMLL Monthly PMP Exam Study Group Instructor