Friday, June 15, 2007

ANNOUNCING: New PMLessonsLearned JOB SHOP conference call!

We're Excited!

Today we are announcing another new conference call to be offered by!

We will be having our first JOB SHOP conference
call on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 9PM Eastern time!

Please forward this to others and invite them to join the call (and
join our yahoo group via our homepage for details
as they are available)

Goals of the call:

1. To connect Project Managers looking for positions to those who have
positions to fill
2. To build new relationships around PM job openings

Main Ingredients:

A. All Job Seekers, employees from companies with job openings, and
Recruiters are invited to attend (note: we are inviting recruiters
from various locations to join the call, you may invite people with
job openings as well)

B. Job openings and Job seekers should all be in the areas of Project
Management and Program Management

C. Those knowing of Project Management related openings may describe
the openings available (there will be a "ground rule" time limit for
each person to talk)

D. Those job seekers who would like, can give a brief overview of
themselves ("elevator speech") (there will be a "ground rule" time
limit for each person to talk)

E. Those in transition and those looking for positions may listen in
anonymously (or participate as above)

F. Those who speak should provide phone number contact information so
that people can get in touch with each other after the call (rather
than having detailed discussions during the call)

G. This will be a monthly conference call - as part of the group - free to all (long distance charges may apply)

H. The call will be recorded (to allow people to listen later if they
miss the call) but will not appear in our podcasts.

This first call will be coordinated and moderated by our member Linda Wortman and one of the recruiters of
our group: Maggie DaRonco. - it's all about Project Managers helping Project

Join our yahoo group at:

(To find the time in other time zones:

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