Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PMLL Episode 0008 "What We Love About Project Management" (in honor of Valentines day)

The MP3 Podcast of the PMLessonLearned.com conference call from 15Feb2007 is now available.
The conference call was on the subject of "What We Love About Project Management" (in honor of Valentines day)"

Download or Listen to the MP3 of PMLessonsLearned.com Episode 0008
(if your computer doesn't support that link, this link may work)

Here are the notes from the Conference Call:

Henry Will, PMP - Host, Inventor, PM
Mara Burns - PMO developer
Steve Blais, PMP - Founder of Parkson International and PM since 1969

Theme was “What We Love About Project Management" (in honor of Valentines day)

Other items covered were:

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP of thepmpodcast.com joined us to tell about the beginnings of his famous PM podcast.

We also had Shawn T. Futterer, PMP tell us about his http://projectmanagementlearningcenter.com ten step PM community website

Our panelists also discussed answers to a member who emailed a question which asked "How do I do planning when I manage a project that is always in a frenzied state?"

We announced our Bulletin Board available via the website. Thanks to member Michael C. for the work he did to set this up for us!

Allison Maltese (Professional Recruiter) provided a career minute answering questions about PM jobs. The questions discussed were:
- What about job requirements that ask for detailed technical specifications?
- What about book knowledge Vs Hands-on experience of Project Management

Please join us for a future conference call. We currently have several calls a month.
We're adding a new call on June 28th 2007 called our Job Shop call where we will share PM Job openings.

Join our Yahoo group for details and reminders of the call and information to help you in your PM Career. Visit the website for details.

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