Tuesday, July 03, 2007

PMLL Episode 0010 Why Study for the PMP Exam?

The MP3 Podcast of the PMLessonLearned.com conference call from 05Apr2007 is now available.
This is the first PMLL PMP Exam Study group conference call.
The conference call was on the theme of "Why Study for the PMP Exam?"

Download or Listen to the MP3 of PMLessonsLearned.com Episode 0010
(if your computer doesn't support that link, this link may work)

Here are the notes from the Conference Call:

The Topic Title was "Why Study for the PMP Exam?" presented by our PMLL.com member David Radkovich, PMP who hosts these PMLL.com PMP Study Group calls.

Topics for this presentation include:

* Getting started – PMI – Do you really want to do this
* The best approach to studying the PMBOK (PMBOK covers the "What" verses the "How")
* Great resources to help you PASS (Recommended Internet resources - web sites, Rita Mulcahy's book)
* The value of Starting a PMP study Group to help you PASS
* Lessons Learned from a recent test taker who PASSED

Please join us for a future conference call. We currently have several calls a month.

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