Wednesday, July 04, 2007

PMLL Episode 0011 Project Management Leadership

The MP3 Podcast of the conference call from 19Apr2007 is now available.

The conference call was on the theme of "Project Management Leadership" presented by – Frank Saladis, PMP (PMI 2006 Person of the Year)

Download or Listen to the MP3 of Episode 0011
(if your computer doesn't support that link, this link may work)

Here are the notes from the Conference Call:

Henry Will, PMP - Host, Inventor, PM
Barbara Fuller, PMP (
Steve Blais, PMP

Guest Panelist:
Frank Saladis, PMP (PMI 2006 Person of the Year) (

Other items covered were:

* – Bulletin Board available (see link on home page)
*Trump’s Apprentice show – go on the website, you can see their lessons learned
* – new podcast
*Software Project Management Network ( has a newsletter and “16 Critical Sofware Processes” on their site
*Gaining PDUs - Info on PMI Chapter cruises
*We have posted the info to our yahoo group about the PMI-SVCast (Silicon Valley PMI group – mentioned by Dina Scott last month) They need help with podcasts

Lessons Learned – Leadership:
*Active Listening
*Characteristics of a Great Leader
*Leadership books and articles
*Characteristics of High Performance Teams

Career Segment:
Allison Maltese (TekSystems) “How difficult is consulting compared to a permanent position? What are the differences?”

Networking session (not recorded)
Information sharing:
* Share information so you have someone as a backup
* Have a backup in case something comes up
Integrity in leadership
Someone looking for a PM Job in Texas

Please join us for a future conference call. We currently have several calls a month.

Join our Yahoo group for details and reminders of the call and information to help you in your PM Career. Visit the website for details. - It's all about PMs helping PMs and is open to all.

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