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PMLL Episode 0031 Project Management is a Dead-End Job. Is There Life After Project Management?

This is the MP3 Podcast of the PM Best Practices presentation topic of "Project Management is a Dead-End Job. Is There Life After Project Management?" as presented by Steve Blais, PMP on 20Mar2008.

Steve Blais, PMP shared with us some of the many options available to Project Managers for the "next step" in their careers.

Steve Blais is the founder of Parkson International and PM since 1969

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Notes are below, but first this...

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PM Best Practice Session:

Where can we move from Project Management? Is it really a dead end job?

Steve referred to the book "What Color is Your Parachute" (see links below)

Steve also mentioned about Alpha Project Managers - the Alpha's love what they do - they're successful! (see links below)

Well, as PMs, we can move: Up, Over, or Out.

Here are some of the options that Steve discussed with us:

* Process management - keep with the product your project produced
* Business Manager - start or join a company
* Move into the aspect of Project Management you like (customer interaction, administrative)
* Business Analyst
* If you love doing Project Management, then you can stay as a PM - there's options there too:
* You can move up as a PM doing Portfolio Management or working as a Program Manager in a PMO
* You can move out: you can work as a contract Project Manager. You can travel and get into places you might not get otherwise (you may also be restricted from some assignments)
* You can move over: teaching, training, and other options

After the call recording was stopped we talked with someone who asked about how to find a specific type of project management. She was referred to a few members of the group, the local PMI chapter (see for links to the local chapters) and the various SIGs (Special Interest Groups) that exist in a myriad of specialties including IT, Marketing, Pharmaceutical, PMO, etc. (see for information on SIGs). Another person who was in transition asked about how to continue to learn.

References from the call:

A few links that you might find helpful:

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