Monday, April 07, 2008

A conference call to help you as a PM: this Thursday!

Dear Project Manager,

Are you looking for your next assignment, better paid projects?

Yes you are! I know many of you wondering how long this recession will last and how it affects your near future. There are a growing number of people whom I have in the networking groups, who are getting nervous thinking when their project will be gone!!!

I think we can help each other! ” PMLESSONSLEARNED.COM” and PMJOBSHOP.COM are both career networking groups whose has a common goal which is to empower PMs, and people studying to be PMs.

PMLESSONSLEARNED.COM is a group that strives to promote and support project mangers to Increase their PM Knowledge, Build Business Relationships and Gain Professional Support

PMJOBSHOP.COM is a group that shares Project Management JOB OPENINGS with Project Managers when they're looking for work.

What we need from you is your participation and your ideas to make PM JOBSHOP conference call better and valuable to you. We need to hear from you about your needs, here are some suggested topics, we need more from you:

  • Interview with Recruiters – market trends, open jobs, help PM jobseekers
  • Questions typically asked by Recruiters and how to handle them
  • Discussion on selected PMP topics to help you
  • Would you like to role play an Interview with Actual Recruiter?
  • Help you prepare Elevator speeches
  • Help with Identifications of skill sets in demand and Trends in the Industry.
  • Help with negotiating your next job and or salary
  • Summary Letters
  • Etc

What we can do for you is provide you with search for your next job or current search, help you with resume, handling interview questions, Negotiating Job and or Salary among others.

Your ideas are welcome to develop this forum that delivers value to you

I would like to invite you to join our FREE project management networking group to connect with enthusiastic project mangers and PM Recruiters.

Just send and email to and you can begin searching for your next open project management position immediately. was started by a group of project managers. The goal of this group is to empower and support Project Managers, and people who are studying to be Project managers. For more information, visit our website at

It's that really that simple!

NEXT CALL April 7, 2008

Call in! FREE Interactive call; just listen or join in the sharing!

Second Thursday of each Month 9:00pm
Conference Call Telephone Number: (641) 715-3200 Access Code: 675 748# Career Tidbits, PM Tidbits, and more

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