Thursday, July 03, 2008

PMLL Episode 0037 How to Get the Most From Your Recruiter ( PM Job Shop Group)

These are the notes from the Conference Call:

Topic: PM JOB SHOP (our first podcast from this group)
Presentation Title: How to Get the Most From Your Recruiter
PM Lessons Learned Leader: Henry Will, PMP
PM Job Shop Group Hosts: Mike Chrepta and Scott Percival
Presenter: Angela Verachi - Teksystems
Date: 12Jun2008
Podcast number: 0037
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Notes from the call:

Everyone’s Trying to Make a Buck

Contract Recruiters: Relationship Builders VS Permanent Recruiters: Job Finders

Various Industry Recruiters

IT Recruiters

Recruiters that like to meet with you verse recruiters that don’t

Build the relationship; more about being consultant intimate

Getting to know the real YOU as a candidate

Take candidates out for lunch/coffee

Build a strong relationship – when you are comfortable telling your recruiter about friends that are looking because you know he/she has YOUR best interest at heart and will continue looking for opportunities for you even though you’ve referred a friend with better skills. Feel free to give them names of managers that you know at companies in order to have their trained account manager call to setup meetings and establish contact. THIS way, we can hopefully uncover some needs that they didn’t know were there, or can get your foot back in the door to a place where you already have contacts or possibly have even worked before.

Recruiters that aren’t interested in building the relationship are interested in what we call speed to market. Hopefully can send over a few resumes and see if they stick – first phone call should be to try and setup a meeting and if not, you will know that the person is just out to fill the position and doesn’t care to establish a long term relationship with the consultant; easier for permanent recruiters to do this, not to their own fault, but that is how they will make their $$$.
In the same respect that the recruiters want to meet with you, their account managers are meeting with the clients and getting to know the real need for the client to build the relationship on that end so they are not disappointed when they get a few resumes that certain recruiters would just like to “stick.” Helps our hiring managers have confidence in us.

Built up a relationship with consultant I knew I couldn’t place but we were up front with her about this issue and we still continued the relationship hoping she’d come down a bit on rate meanwhile she continues giving us referrals upon referrals of people, and we met with one and put him to work right away.

In order to “get the most from your recruiter” continue contacting this person on a weekly basis as will the recruiter and be “in their face.” They will think of your first if they are always on your mind.

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