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PMLL Episode 0039 Teaching Old Dogs to do New Tricks? A Primer on Change ( PM Best Practices Group)

These are the notes from the Conference Call:

Topic: PM Lessons Learned
Presentation Topic: "Teaching Old Dogs to do New Tricks? A Primer on Change"
Host: Henry Will, PMP
Presenter: Author and Speaker Peter De Jager
Date: 26Jun2008
Podcast number: 0039
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Notes from the call:

The online presentation is located here:
  1. Change is not an event, it is a process that takes time and has distinct stages.
  2. A certain amount of 'resistance to Change' is crucial to ANY organization. There is far too much Change possible for us to embrace every Change available. And, organizations MUST foster an environment that permits rational resistance to Change, in order to intelligently select the most appropriate Changes available.
  3. People do not really 'resist' Change, they resist being changed and they resist uncertainty. The goal of management is to entice people to Change when appropriate, AND to plan the Change as effectively as possible to minimize the uncertainty.
  4. If people are 'resisting' Change, it is because they do not believe it is necessary. In other words, not enough of the right form of communication has taken place.
  5. The overriding importance and value of clear, constant, honest communications.

Peter de Jager is a Keynote Speaker, writer and consultant focusing on issues relating to Change Management and the Future. His primary focus is on how we manage change, technology and the future. His presentations use humor to challenge the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change process and the benefits of technology. In addition to speaking at conferences worldwide, he has also written monthly columns for Globe & Mail online, CIO Magazine, and Computing Canada. His goal is always to question what we think is so, and in so doing perhaps open up new opportunities. You can more information at his website:

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