Monday, April 20, 2009

PMLL Episode 0061 The New Job Search Mentality (PMJOBSHOP)

Notes and Podcast info from the Conference Call:

Topic: The New Job Search Mentality (PMJobShop) founder and PM Best Practices host: Henry Will, PMP PMJobShop hosts: Mike Chrepta and Scott Percival
Presenter: Kim Shand and Maggie DaRonco

Date of Conference Call: 12Mar2009
Podcast Number: 0061

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The process of a successful job search has changed in just the past year: it requires a new outlook and a new method.

The job search mentality has changed from asking for help to giving help. The change in the job search process is from the old job boards to new social networking websites. Websites covered include, and

Maggie is a long time friend of having spoken on our calls and helped many members in their job search including at least one PM placement. Maggie represents where Kimberly is the CEO and founder. Kim shares the new trends in job search techniques and new developments in how to conduct your job search.

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