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PMLL Episode 0062 An Introduction to Agile Estimating and Planning (PMBestPractices)

Notes and Podcast info from the Conference Call:

Topic: An Introduction to Agile Estimating and Planning (PMBestPractices) founder and PM Best Practices host: Henry Will, PMP
Presenter: Kevin Aguanno, PMP, MAPM

Date of Conference Call: 19Mar2009
Podcast Number: 0062

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In this session, we cover:
* Why we plan in the first place and what makes a good plan
* Why traditional planning fails
* The basics of agile planning including building Release Plans, Iteration Plans and Day Plans
* Estimating with Story Points
* Estimating with Ideal Days
* A 3-step feature prioritization process
* Measuring and forecasting velocity
* An overview of Critical Chain estimating and scheduling
* Why agile planning works

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With over 17 years of managing complex systems integration and software development projects, Kevin Aguanno is known in the industry for his innovative approaches to solving common project management problems. He focuses on two project management specialty areas: agile project management and troubled project recovery.

Some of Kevin's other notable attributes:
* Keynote speaker, trainer, and coach in agile management methods
* Taught several years at the University of Toronto where he won an Excellence in Teaching Award
* Regular guest lecturer in software engineering and project management classes at several other universities
* Master’s in Project Management from George Washington University
* PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP),
* IBM Certified Executive Project Manager
* International Project Management Association (IPMA) Senior Project Manager
* Member of the Project Management Institute (U.S.A.) and the Information Systems SIG,
* American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (U.S.A.), the Association for Project Management (U.K.), and the Project Management Association of Canada where he is a founding director.
* Kevin Aguanno is the author of over one dozen books and audiobooks.

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