Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free ConfCall 9/10 "What we can learn from networking groups (PM Job Shop)

What: FREE PM Job Shop Conference Call

Topic: " What we can learn from networking groups " PMJobShop host: Scott Percival

When: Thursday September 10th, 2009 at 9pm Eastern time

Where: Conference Dial-in: (269) 320-8300 Access Code: 767 616#

"What we can learn from networking groups" Open Discussion

Presentation: None available for this call

Abstract of the presentation:
We all participate in many networking groups.The current labor statistics are undoubtedly daunting for job seekers. However, for those who are smart, savvy, and willing to take the extra steps to get noticed, there are still jobs to be found. The following strategies are a must for anyone wanting to jumpstart their search and find that next opportunity.Tonight's call will be an open discussion of what we have learned from networking groups. Please be prepared to share some of your favorite network group tips and tidbits.If you are new to networking groups please listen in and chime in with your helpful job search tips and techniques.

About the Conference Call:
Conference call participation is free and questions are encouraged. Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier - some cell phone companies allow free long distance after certain times in the evenings.

Conference Dial-in: (269) 320-8300 Access Code: 767 616# Project Managers helping Project Managers to make a difference!

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