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Free ConfCall2/10"Storytelling about the "Brand Called You" on LinkedIn"(PMJobShop)

What: FREE PMP Job Shop conference call

Topic: "Storytelling about the "Brand Called You" on LinkedIn"

Hosts: Scott Percival and Carl E. Reid

Presenter: Bernadette Martin

When: Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9 PM (Eastern Standard US) (GMT-5)

Where: Dial-in: (760) 569-7676 Access Code: 142349#
The virtual meeting link is: http://www.freesee.com/meetings/418-251-588

What is your online and offline Story? Is it compelling, captivating, does it message the “Brand Called You” to your target in a compelling way? Why is your LinkedIn profile important and how do you tell your story in the SUMMARY? Bernadette Martin, Author of Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline will address these and other questions on the February 10th conference call.

The directions to obtain the presentation are at PMlessonsLearned.com - on the left hand side of the webpage follow the link titled ""Files and Presentations"" to see directions for obtaining the presentation.

Conference call is Q & A format where Bernadette is interviewed about her book addressing these key questions:

• Why are stories so powerful?
• What is Personal Branding?
• How do you fuse Personal Branding and Storytelling to message your professional brand?
• How does storytelling factor into the personal branding process?
• What is digital or 2.0 storytelling?
• Why is your LinkedIn profile so important?
• What do you say in the SUMMARY area of your LinkedIn profile?
• What are some tips to get the online and offline “story” about our personal brand in front of our target?

For many individuals (maybe you) your LinkedIn profile is your professional “window to the world”. It is key to consider what your target will find when they land there. Ideally, a good story or BIO that messages your brand.The SUMMARY is the place to tell this story. What to say? How to write it? Learn tips on how to craft your BIO and where to use the storied content you develop for a multitude of purposes.

In advance of the webinar discover your digital ID, baseline or another term used….your GQ (Google Quotient). Take a few minutes and fill in some statistics here where you can find out if you are DIGITALLY DISASTROUS, DIGITALLY DISTINCT, DIGITALLLY DISSED or DIGITALLY DABBLING. http://www.onlineidcalculator.com/index.php
Also, identify where your LinkedIn profile appears on your search results.


Bernadette Martin, Founder of Visibility Branding, LLC is a certified Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker and Author. Expertly fusing personal branding with storytelling she helps individuals (executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, artists, students) to strengthen their brand both online and offline in a compelling way to their target. Following an MBA and a 15-year international career working with Fortune 500 corporate brands in Asia, U.S., and Europe, Bernadette's transition to personal brands was natural. It meshed perfectly with her intuitive nature, entrepreneurial spirit, desire to work virtually and live in the two cities that inspire her most -- Paris and Seattle. Ever enthusiastic about optimizing the power of 2.0 technology to support her "virtualosity," she works with clients around the world, conducting online webinars, interviews and training on career development, personal branding and storytelling. Be ready when, with genuine interest, she asks you..."So, what's your story?".
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