Friday, September 25, 2015

PMLL Episode 0171 Transforming Business with Program Management (PMBestPractices)

Notes and Podcast info from the Conference Call:
Topic: Transforming Business with Program Management (PMBestPractices)
PM Best Practices host Alicia Colantuono leads this call.
Presenter: Satish Subramanian

Date of Conference Call: 17Sep2015
Podcast Number: 0171

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The presentation slides were viewable during the 17 SEP 2015 presentation only on

This presentation will take you through how enterprises are applying program management to realize business benefits by successfully delivering the outcomes expected of complex, strategic, cross functional initiatives.  It will synthesize the principles of competitive strategy, organization change management, process improvement, automation through technology, organization structure, and measurement architecture through the program management umbrella.
This presentation will be helpful to people trying to better understand and apply program management, a key enabler for improving the success rate of business transformation programs. Strategists and execution specialists working on transforming a business will find this presentation invaluable.

Satish P. Subramanian is a principal at M Squared Consulting, which is a SolomonEdwards Company. His 25 plus years of management and technology consulting leadership experience resulted in tangible value creation for Fortune 500 and global companies in the health care, financial services, high tech, and manufacturing industry sectors. He advises companies on their business transformation initiatives, guides them on operational optimization, driven strategic change to realize vision, executed strategic programs, and delivers sustainable results. He builds the business transformation and program management capabilities of organizations.
Satish holds a BS in industrial engineering and MBA (Sales and Marketing) from the University of Mumbai and an MBA (Management Information Systems) from California Lutheran University. He is Program Management and Project Management certified by the Project Management Institute and his Change Management certification is from Prosci. \
Satish is the author of the book he will be discussing "Transforming Business with Program Management"

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