Wednesday, September 02, 2015

PMLL: We're Restarting the PM Best Practice Call With a New Volunteer!

Hello everyone! We're happy to report that we're restarting the PM Best Practice Calls and Podcasts with a new Volunteer!  Let's let her introduce herself.

My name is Alicia Colantuono.  I am recently married (in June) and I live in Virginia. We are planning to move back to Minnesota in February, which is were I am from originally.  I currently work as an airline pilot for ExpressJet Airlines.  It has it's good and bad parts as all jobs do but I am still looking for the right job for me and I think Project Management is that job.  I am volunteering with PMLL because I have used their podcasts to start studying for my CAPM exam and I think some hands on experience may help give a better idea of what project management is really about.

The Tasks Involved
I've (Henry) have talked with Alicia about the PM Best Practice calls and will be helping her along with getting it going. She'll be selecting speakers, scheduling them for the monthly calls, and introducing them.  Our own  Dana Safford (who has volunteered for years with his expertise in leading the PMP Exam Study Calls) will be helping with podcasting.

About PM Best Practice
The (PMLL) PM Best Practice call is the one that started PMLL back in April of 2006.  The goal of the PM Best Practice call is to present topics for Project Managers (PMs) to help them to learn to be better PMs. If you look on our home page, you'll see our goals listed:
The goal of this group is to Empower Project Managers, and people studying for the PMP test. Increase PM Knowledge, Build Business Relationships, Increase your effectiveness, Increase your marketability, Gain Professional Support.
(Emphasis in bold for those goals that apply for the PM Best Practice calls)

Always Looking for More Volunteers
We are always looking for more volunteers to help with restarting the Monthly PMJobShop calls or with podcasting or even to help Alicia with parts of the tasks for the PM Best Practice calls. If you would like to vollunteer, you can use the "contact us" link on the left hand side of the website (scroll down at for our contact information.

Join Us In Welcoming Alicia
So, join us in welcoming Alicia. You can give her a warm welcome by showing up at the first call (and subsequent calls) or by listening to the podcast when it's posted.  Watch for the announcement of the first call in just a few days.